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All About Dogs Coastal Rescue Photo Gallery
of Adoptable Pets

 Harley - adopted!

 In Memory of Max
  Happily Adopted!
Happy in his new home!
Adopted and doing great!!!
  Otis & Luke, best buddies!
Mindy - Adopted!
Little Bear & Buster  
Schroeder is a very special pup who has spent most of his young life at a local kill shelter and because of his sweet nature the staff kept him as long as possible. He is the last of 4 siblings who have all been adopted, due to his very shy personality he is still waiting for the right home. Schroeder is extremely shy and timid with new people and will need some extra special TLC, time and patience to help him come out of his shell. He adores being with other dogs and will do best in a home with another family dog which will help him to feel more secure. This shy boy will not do well in an active home with children. Schroeder enjoys being outside and loves to run and play with another dog, a fenced yard is a must. He has been neutered, microchipped, is up to date on all vaccinations and on monthly heartworm and flea prevention. 
Schroeder-Special Needs - 
  Gunner &  Gracie --Adopted!
Autumn "Aubie"  - adopted!
   Otis - Adopted!
                  Adopted !!!
Kiwi - rescued from a local kill shelter, this little cutie looks to be a Chiweenie! (Dachshund & Chihuahua mix).  

      Ozzie - Adopted
Enjoying life with his new best friend!

      adopted & loving
        her new life in Colorado!
Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!!!!
Absolutely Adorable!   Meet the "B" pups  who were abandoned by their Mom and taken to our local kill shelter when they were about 6 weeks old.   With no Mom and no home, they were pitiful little pups.  Mom must have been a Bassett Hound since all but one pup have short bassett legs and stocky little bodies.  Bobby is the only one with long legs and appears to have some Beagle in him too.  All 5 are in a great foster home where they are very well socialized and loved.  Such an affectionate and easy going litter of pups.  Bull and Buddy have a unique look with soft fluffy hair and mild mannered personalities.  Birdie and Brinn are little snugglers and so darn cute.
We estimate the pups to be about 14 weeks old (7-1-2014). All have been spayed/neutered, up to date with 3 sets of vaccinations and microchipped.
Adopted & a very happy boy!!!

  Adopted & loving the MS coast
     Emma - Adopted !
Wonderful life in Massachusetts.
       Scooby & Pumpkin 
  Mickie                   adopted ! 

      Aggie - Adopted!

                          - Adopted!!!
             Copper - adopted
   Sally, Simon an Shadow
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  Pets on
  Adopted !
Sammie - Adopted
                             Mitzi - Adopted!
     Loving her new life     
          in Josephine!
               Piper -  Adopted!
    enjoying life in CT
       Hazel - Adopted!
     Adopted and loving his new life!
Emerson -   Adopted and a very  HAPPY boy with his new family!
         Loving her new life in Mississippi!
    Peaches - Adopted
  Life is Good!
            Lucy - Adopted
                                                      Happy Adopted Pets
             Skye  - A happy boy in CT
    Southern Belle  Loving her new
           Home !
Kallie - Adopted
                           Enjoying her new life!
 Adopted !
   Sam - Adopted
      Happy, Happy Boy! 
 Colt - Loving his new home in CT !
         Jessie, JoJo, Jewels and J-Lo

    Ryder - Adopted

June and her beautiful puppies all have loving new homes!
Frank, the Miracle Dog and his story of survival. Frank was originally adopted from one of our local shelters, about a year later he was a stray picked up by animal control in Mobile. As you can see in his before and after photos, Frank was in extremely pitiful condition. He had been starved, an injury to his leg and hip, was very weak and emaciated.
Frank was a stray who had been roaming from house to house in a neighborhood where he was being tormented and abused when picked up by Animal Control. This sweet boy had been microchipped, when his adopters were contacted, they said they had given him away, and did not want him back.
We took Frank into our program when the shelter where he was originally adopted would not take him back or help him. We were not sure if Frank would survive but felt he deserved to have plenty of food and a safe comfortable place to spend his last days. Frank surprised us all and as his photo shows, he has beat the odds and is now an extremely happy, healthy dog with an amazing love for life and people. Thanks to the compassionate vets and staff at one of our local clinics, Frank was given a second chance. 

Frank, the Miracle Dog - Adopted and loving life in Georgia!
Frank,  before and now!

Tinker Bell - In her new Home!
Brad has found a Home!
Pepper, 6 year old female boxer mix
Pepper is about 6-7 years old and the sweetest, well behaved girl! Peppers Mom has been placed in long term care and not able to keep her any more. Pepper was a wonderful companion and best friend, she will miss her Mom dearly. Pepper was well cared for and loved, being her constant indoor companion. Pepper is totally house trained and very well behaved with great manners. She wants nothing more than to be with someone that she can love, spend time with and play with her toys. Pepper is a little chunky but doing well on her new diet and feeling more frisky every day. Pepper loves to go on walks, is good on a leash and enjoys riding in the car! She has a very easy going, laid back personality and is a pleasure to have around.
Pepper has been spayed, is up to date on all vaccinations, microchipped and on monthly heartworm, flea and tick prevention, 
For more information about our adoption process and to complete an application, go to our Application page or contact us at

Reacher is a wonderful senior Chocolate Lab with a happy spirit even after a rough life! We are estimating his age at 8 - 10 years old. Reacher was taken to the county shelter after his owner passed away and no one wanted him. He was there almost 6 weeks until a special lady came to his rescue! He has had surgery to remove several fatty tumors, is now on joint supplements and a healthy diet. His improvement and increase in energy is amazing. Reacher loves to run and play ball, of course he has to be limited since he will keep on going! He enjoys going for walks and most of all he loves being with people. This is one happy guy now that life is good! He appears to be smiling all of the time and eager to play a game of tug with his favorite toy. We are working on a weight loss program to get his weight down, he is now about 80 pounds and doing great! Reacher is a very special boy with so much love to give!
Reacher has been neutered, is up to date on all vaccinations, microchipped, tested negative for heartworms and is on monthly prevention.
For more information about our adoption process and to complete an application, please go to our Application page or contact us by email at 

Copper is about 6 months old, he and his siblings were taken in by a good samaritan when their family could not take care of them. Hard as it is to believe, Copper's Mom was a dachshund mix and his Dad obviously was part Catahoula Leopard dog or something similar. Copper inherited his Dads striking markings and unique blue eye combination. Copper is very outgoing with tons of energy. He is a typical happy, inquisitive and very playful pup. Into everything, playing hard and napping hard, just like a toddler! He is doing well with his house training and quickly mastered the dog door at his foster home. Copper loves being with other dogs and has no fear! Copper weighs about 25 pounds and probably will not get much bigger, a great small/medium size pup! Copper has not been around small children so would do best with older children that understand he will need time to adjust. A fenced yard would be best for this active boy!
Copper has been neutered, microchipped, is up to date on all vaccinations and on monthly heartworm, flea and tick prevention.
For more informationn on our adoption process and to complete an application, please go to our Application page or contact us by email at